Our farm is situated on the outskirts of Westfield, NY, along a long forgotten Iroquois Indian trail that is now Route 20 on a narrow costal plain that slopes gently from the shores of Lake Erie to the Allegany plateau. We are squarely in at the midpoint of the Lake Erie wine trail and close to the many cultural, historic and recreational attractions that Chautauqua County has to offer.

Important Note for Visitors Searching for Gold Brook Farm with GPS Mapping Applications:

For reasons known only to to the digital cartographers who create Google Maps and other mapping databases, programming your GPS to bring you to our B&B (233 East Main Street, Westfield) usually vectors you down a dead-end street and announces that you’ve reached your destination as you gaze into a inauspicious cornfield. Don’t be confused and annoyed at your GPS; it got you close… but not quite where you want to be. Our guest house is indeed on Main Street and the cornfield you’ve been led to is actually our “back 70” acres. So ignore the on-board navigator and remain on Main Street when advised to turn on to Persons Street. Entrance to our guest house is actually the first driveway past Persons Street as you travel East on Main Street coming from the center of Westfield. There is a sign in front of the house identifying the property as Gold Brook Farm. The map below shows the location of the house on Main Street relative to our farmland and Persons Street. When all else fails and you’re thoroughly lost, just give us a call: (716) 581-2610.