Our grand adventure in forming Gold Brook Farm and taking on an intimidating and complex business stand-up project is the outgrowth of many goals, dreams and life’s experiences.  The catalyst for the soup we are now brewing took hold about a year ago when we learned that the erstwhile home of Ruben Gridley Wright was being sold by his heirs.  Following a convoluted and unnerving regemine of surveys and inspections, business analysis, family caucuses and multiple party negotiations, we became the proud (and shocked) owners of the erstwhile Wright Brothers Farm on June 10, 2016.

We arrived on the scene of our new adventure on June 30, 2016 and were immediately confronted with the reality of the condition of the property and the enormity of the tasks ahead of us.  Fortunately, from the very outset of this project, we have been ably and enthusiastically supported by family and close friends who have rallied to provide all manner of support.



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