Take the cure - enjoy the comfort and elegance of our historic farmhouse and spend some time shaking off the COVID blues. We're ready to host guests in a spacious, clean and refreshing environment.

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Guest accommodations

Like so many others in our community, we have made a concerted effort to keep our family safe and follow the advice and guidance of public health experts to achieve the public health goal of suppressing COVID19 infections.  The social distancing and hygienic measures we’ve implemented and honed over the past six months have apparently had the desired effect – we’ve remained healthy and our community has been spared the dire predictions feared at the outbreak of the virus.  So, with the benefit of public health best practices   we opened our doors to guests in July and have been hosting guest visits on a limited basis throughout the fall.

In emerging from this unprecedented risk avoidance campaign, we’ve put in place measures recommended by public health officials to limit the risk of infectious disease while retaining the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of our thriving small-town community.

Please feel free to call, text or email us if you have any questions or to plan your visit.  Safe travels and sincere thanks for playing your part in keeping our communities healthy.

The Restoration

Bringing a long-neglected architectural masterpiece back to life has been a labor of love that has consumed our energy, riches and time for the past three years.  The results are a triumph of collaboration and creativity with innumerable contributions from family, friends, talented contractors and resourceful vendors.  Like many undertakings of this magnitude, the job is never quite done and the historic buildings continue to reveal marvels of workmanship and engineering that reveal much about the history and character of the Wright family and the 19th century tradesmen that built this community.  We’ve attempted to capture and retain that workmanship through our restoration efforts and hope you can appreciate the historical significance of the property through the restoration chronicles.


Gold Brook Farm was once a thriving family business engaged in all manner of agricultural production.  Like so many family farms established by settlers to the region in the 19th Century, the virtuosity, economic sustainability and diversity of farming practices changed over the years and yielded to the  forces of mechanization, economies of scale, and production efficiencies.  The land has remained in agricultural production since it was first developed by the Wright family in the 19th Century.  We eagerly took on stewardship of the land when we purchased the property in 2016 and have been slowly and painstakingly introducing crops and farming practices that we hope will sustain the farm for many generations to come.  As transplants to the agricultural scene, we manage to bumble along the learning curve leading to good agricultural practices.  Perhaps our experience will offer useful case study in a few of the foibles to avoid.

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NY State COVID Public Health Policy
We comply with NY State public health policy and guidelines and strongly encourage our guests to follow prudent public health policies and recommendations pertaining to COVID19 risk mitigation.
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